Why tutors prefer Durbin Classroom over Zoom?

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When the Covid-19 situation worsened in Bangladesh, one of the sectors that faced the biggest challenges is the education industry. Thousands of institutions all over the country realized that they could not carry out their daily operations of imparting education in the traditional manner anymore and thus opted for online virtual learning application. It was not long before the glitches in this system were quite clear to everyone involved.

Holding online classes has its very own drawbacks and they are multiple in number. Starting with problems like weak internet connection to problems such as attendance maintenance and keeping track of assignment has been a tough ride for most educators in online class.

Durbin Classroom is an online virtual learning application designed for tutors to solve these problems and create better environment for online education.

Durbin Virtual classroom.

Advantages of Durbin Online Virtual learning Application

One of the Great features of Durbin Classroom is that it consumes very low bandwidth.

This can ensure smooth functioning virtual classes in the areas of Bangladesh where the internet connection is slow .

Another great feature this software has is the system for tracking attendance. Many teachers have reported that it is difficult to ensure whether a student is actually attending or whether they have logged in but are skipping the lectures.

Durbin Classroom solves this problem by taking attendance in app, monitoring student’s presence in the virtual classroom.

It gets very difficult for a teacher to keep track of assignments given out to students and their respective submissions in mail. Durbin Classroom assignment feature enable teachers to give assignments to particulate class and give students marks on their submission.

Public and Private Virtual Classroom

The options to create ‘public’ or ‘private’ virtual classroom helps teachers create virtual classroom large or small classrooms according to their convenience and necessity.

The teacher can determine which students the invitations will be sent to and can thus limit their audience according to their needs.

This feature can help an institution maintain their privacy and protect their teaching policies by preventing trespassing.

Advantage of Public and Private online virtual classroom mode.

It also has a whiteboard feature which is as good as any other whiteboard software, if not better.

Durbin classroom can change the landscape of online classes . The features are designed to cater to the specific needs of our students and teachers. This software can help run the operational activities of online education by alleviating the numerous existing problems.

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