Ways to improve your concentration during online classes.

September 30, 2020 By 0 Comments

Covid-19 has changed the scenario of our daily lives in many aspects and education has not escaped its effect. Most students are attending online classes and it is quite difficult for many of them to get used to with the ‘new normal’. They are struggling with their schedule and concentrating in class. It is often tough for young people to hold their attention in an online class but following some of the strategies below can help them retain their focus on the lessons:

01 Set up your own ideal environment:

A good environment for studies can make or break a student’s concentration. If you are studying in a place that causes distractions, it is very easy to lose focus on the class. Simple acts of organizing or decluttering your study environment can create huge impact on the concentration of a student. It helps ease your mind and fix your attention on the task at hand.

02 Writing down the common distractions:

Making a note of the common distractions give a clear idea about what causes them and how to avoid them. A student aware of their own weaknesses has all the weapons they will need to fight them. Making a list of the factors that hamper their concentration will let them know what kind of situations to avoid during class hour or study time.

03 Avoid Multitasking:

One of the biggest reasons behind distraction is multi-tasking. Students often tend to attempt accomplishing other tasks while listening to a lecture. While it may seem easy enough, it is never possible to give undivided attention on one task while trying to complete another. So stop multi-tasking when you are supposed to be listening to a lecture.

04 Fix a schedule:

A fixed schedule for studies can help a student maintain a routine in their life. After attending classes, a student also needs to spend time learning their lessons and doing their homework. If they set apart a fixed time for every day, they will get a feeling of routine and it will make the task of studying a lot easier. It gives a sense of accomplishment when a student gets their daily work done within time and this will motivate them to study better.

05 Stop Giving Yourself Excuses:

With no one actively supervising your lessons, it can be very easy to drift off or give yourself excuses to procrastinate. But this will only lead to piling up of work which will be too much to finish on time afterwards. Instead, if you stop giving excuses to yourself for leaving some work for later it will be done on time. Sometimes it even leads to getting a work done before time, leaving a student with more time in hand to pursue other work.

06 Ask for Help:

Not all students learn lessons at the same pace and not everyone is equally good at everything. So there is no shame in asking for help when a particular subject or topic appears troublesome. Hesitating to ask for help and leaving it for later can cause you to spend a lot of futile time trying to grasp a lesson that could have been done easily with the help of the teacher or peers. Discussing in a group also helps learn faster and find out more about lessons. It enables students branch out and get deeper knowledge about their subject of study.