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Durbin Classroom is a tool to help teachers and instituters connect with their students and expand online learning possibilities.

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Virtual Streaming

Make e-learning easier with interactive virtual classes

By engaging students in live lectures, replicate the atmosphere of your face-to - face class.

Join with 50 students in Private classroom mode and up to 250 in Public classroom mode which ever suits you best.

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Class Recording

Record classes for future use

Provide the students offline experience. Recordings capture the discussion, as they occur. Store lecture recording in class resources for student’s further revision.

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Track students' attendance and performance

Get the automated record of those who were present and absent, and see the attendance of a specific virtual classroom session.

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Live Chat & Discussion

Ask Questions and start a conversation

Create engagement in a virtual classroom session. Enable students to ask questions and discuss topic, share files, links or content directly in live session.

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Assess Students learning with assignments

Easily create assignments with deadlines. Access and mark assignment of individual students in just a few clicks.

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Online Exams

Create and run online tests and exams

Create your ideal assessment of multiple question types –multiple-choice, long and short answers. Define flexible time data and exam duration with auto marking and self-assessment.

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Screen Sharing

Share and demonstrate content with students

Demonstrate learning content and multimedia in your virtual classroom by sharing screen with students.

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Online Whiteboard

Better explain lessons and concepts

Create a more comprehensive learning experience with online whiteboard. Draw shapes, demonstrate your concepts real-time and teach real-time.

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Why Durbin Classroom?

Easily understandable user interface, blends face to face teaching with virtual learning.
Connect student with teachers and engage them in active learning by web and mobile.
Low data consumption and stable live video streaming to ensure uninterrupted learning.

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